Grosmont is a small village, situated approximately 7 miles from Whitby. The name Grosmont, originates from the name of a small priory ‘Grandimont’ in the 1200’s, but now unfortunately there are no remains.

Grosmont Village Photo

Grosmont Village

There are remains, however, of the ancient heritage of the area, approximately a mile to the east. Higher Bridestones mark an ancient route and consist of one large standing stone and many fallen ones nearby, which previously formed a circle. Lower down the moorland, a short distance away, are the Lower Bridestones. These are quite a lot smaller in height, and partly obscured by the heather, and also formed a circle. The exact purpose of these is a mystery.

Grosmont Station Photo

Grosmont Station

In the early part of the 19th century along with the neighbouring villages, Grosmont was greatly involved in the mining and smelting of iron ore. There were quarries and clay pits used for making the famous ‘Grosmont’ bricks. These were a high quality red brick used in the building of many houses in Whitby and surrounding areas. Once again there is little left of this previous industrial history.

Grosmont Station Photo

Grosmont Station

The Whitby to Pickering Line built in 1835, passed through Grosmont, and in 1865 a branch line was introduced that enabled the Esk Valley line to make a link through Grosmont from Whitby to Teesside. Unfortunately because of the Beeching cuts in 1965, the link with Teesside was broken.

Grosmont Station photo

Grosmont Station

The setting up of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway Trust, a volunteer organisation for the renovation of the steam railway, in 1968 has ensured that a beautiful stretch of railway between here and Pickering has been kept open. The Grosmont Railway Station is like a scene from times past, indeed the North Yorkshire Moors Railway holds ‘wartime weekends’, whereupon many members of the public dress in the style of the wartime years.

 Steam Train Photo

Steam Train at Grosmont Station

Click the link to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway website for details of special events and timetables.
North Yorkshire Moors Railway The station is wheelchair accessible. Across the road from the station, and through a pedestrian tunnel, the engine sheds are of great interest. Here, many volunteers are renovating the old engines, carriages etc. There is a circular route of four and a half miles called the Industrial Past Walk, as well as the Railway Trail Walk.

Clock at Grosmont Station Photo

Clock at Grosmont Station

Grosmont has bed and breakfast establishments as well as holiday self catering accommodation. The village is served by the Station Tavern public house, an art gallery and tea room. There is also a grocery store and craft shop. A walk from half way down the village leads to a small river. It is interesting to note, that fossils are in the high rocks nearby. St.Mathews’ church completed in 1875, to replace a smaller church is reached by a footpath beside the railway line and engine sheds.

A Steam Train pulling into Grosmont Station

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Grosmont Map

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