Sandsend is a beautiful, picturesque seaside village situated 2 miles northwest of Whitby, accessed by the A174. As its name suggests, it has a golden beach stretching for approximately two and a half miles to Whitby. The main part of the village is between two becks.

Sandsend Beach Photo

Sandsend's Golden Beach

At the base of Lythe Bank is a large car park which is accessed under an arch. From here there is a path up the side of the cliff onto the old railway line. The old railway station and platform is still visible. This walk will take you along the Sandsend Trail, past the old alum mines and near to the mounds of shale on Sandsend Ness, reminiscent of the ‘moon’ landscape! The walk continues to the old railway tunnel and further on to Kettleness.

Sandsend Village Photo

Sandsend Village

The alum industry employed many people, and was productive for a number of years, eventually closing in the 1860s. Alum was a chemical used in the tanning of leather, and as a fixative for dye in the weaving industry. Sandsend Station was the last station before Whitby on the Teesside line and must have been an impressive sight with its high viaduct spanning the valley. The station closed in 1958.

 Sandsend Photo

View of Sandsend Beach from the car park

The car park is very popular with fishermen casting off from the sea wall in all weathers. At high tides and gale force winds, beware of the sea lashing over this wall and drenching all nearby! At low tide there is an abundance of rock pools and fossils.

Sandsend Village Photo

Sandsend Village

At the entrance to the car park is the Wits End café and across the road is the bridge crossing the west beck. The beck flows from a delightful valley with small cottages nestling on the sides. Many of these are for holiday rental.

East Beck Sandsend Photo

East Beck Sandsend

The east beck leads onto the beach, and is a very popular place for children to paddle. The sandy beach is ideal for families, but beware of the tides. Dogs are not allowed on the beach at certain times of the year. There are cafes and tourist shops selling buckets and spades etc. Some small fishing boats are launched here from the slipway. It is also a popular beach with surfers but again, beware of the tides.

West Beck Sandsend Photo

West Beck Sandsend

It was here at Sandsend, that Lewis Carroll had the inspiration for 'The Walrus and the Carpenter'. A walk over the beck on the beach can take you near to a cantilever walkway needed to widen the footpath along the road. Leading inland from the bridge is an old mill and the entrance to Mulgrave woods, past the old saw mill. There are two hotels in Sandsend, the Beach Hotel and Woodlands Hotel. The Hart Inn public house is next to Estbeck House restaurant . There is also a gallery and a small village shop. St. Marys church is situated near High Row.

Sandsend Beach Photo

A View of Whitby from Sandsend

The A174 road leading to Whitby has parking places for easy access to the beach. There are public conveniences opposite the doctors surgery. Please be aware that the walk along the beach to Whitby should only be taken in consultation with the tide tables, as walkers can be frequently ‘cut off’.

Sandsend Map

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