Sandgate Sweet Shop

Contact: Rebecca Robinson

Telephone: (01947) 603754

Sandgate Sweet Shop,
5 Sandgate,
North Yorkshire, YO22 4DB.

Situated on Whitby's East side in the busy bustling street of Sandgate, is the delightful olde worlde sweet shop called Sandgate Sweet Shop. One step over the threshhold and there is an ‘Aladdin’s cave’ full of every kind of sweet confection imaginable. The aroma of candy bars and boiled sweets brings to the senses childhood nostalgia of a bygone age.

Row upon row of elegantly shaped glass jars are carefully placed alongside each other labelled with the contents within. The classic favourites of mint humbugs, dolly mixtures, liquorice allsorts, jelly beans and barley sugars to the retro sweets of the flying saucers, shrimps, bananas and acid drops and the present day modern favourites of silver colas, fish and chips and sourballs are all displayed.

The selected choice is then carefully weighed on the scales to the measure required, and placed in the paper bag or if required there is the option of a gift-box selection or even ‘gift tin’ with a wide range of designs from the past.

Along the counter and windowsill there are a wide range of sweets, candy bars, lollipops, packet sweets, aniseed bars, cinder toffee and liquorice bars, in fact, too many to mention individually! Sandgate Sweet Shop is delightful shop to browse awhile and reminisce before selecting from the vast array available. The ever helpful and friendly staff are on hand to assist.

Map of Sandgate Sweet Shop